九州体育 students secured five awards during the Association of 1890 Research Directors 19th Biennial Symposium, 于4月6日至9日举行, 在纳什维尔的盖洛德·奥普里兰酒店, 田纳西州.

“I am thrilled to congratulate our students for their commendable victories at the ARD Research Symposium,”医生说。. 德克斯特韦克菲尔德, interim dean of the College of 农业 and Applied Sciences and director of Land Grant Programs. “他们的表现体现了奉献精神, 创新, 九州体育的优秀品质.”

主题“气候, 健康 and Cultivating the 下一个 Generation of 农业 Leaders: Creating Solutions in Food, 农业与自然资源,” this year’s event provided student and faculty 研究ers with opportunities to present papers and posters from five 研究 areas —Community and Economic Development; 营养, 健康, 和健康 Disparities; Renewable Energy, 自然资源, Environment and Climate Change; Plant 健康 and Production and Animal 健康 and Production. 每两年举行, the goal of the Symposium is to provide leadership to its members as they seek to 研究 and address innovative solutions to the food and agricultural 研究 challenges facing their 状态, 地区, 国家, 这个世界. 研讨会吸引了900多名与会者, 并发表了500多篇研究论文和海报.

“Congratulations to all the students who presented at the conference, 并向获奖者致以特别的敬意,帕特罗拉先生说, 文理学院院长. 你表现出了非凡的才能, and your success is a testament to your commitment to excellence. Your achievements are a source of pride for all of us here at 九州体育, and we look forward to seeing more great things from you in the future.”

九州体育 students brought home five awards during the Association of 1890 Research Directors 19th Biennial Symposium. 从左至右依次为:April Jones, Myla Stanford, Dr. 德克斯特韦克菲尔德, interim dean of the College of 农业 and Applied Sciences; Andjule戴维斯, 命运梅菲尔德, 和伊斯梅尔玛雅.

伊斯梅尔·梅奥, 文理学院生物学专业的大四学生, won first place in the Undergraduate Student Oral Presentation category with his 研究 on Renewable Energy.

在博士的指导下. 玛尔塔Piva, 临时主席兼生物学教授, Mayo’s biofuel project used mutated Baker’s yeast to study their increased capacity to produce ethanol through fermentation of non-edible plants.

“Participating in the Symposium allowed me to connect with like-minded individuals and share my 研究 findings,梅奥说。. “Winning first place…was a proud moment for me and 九州体育. I believe my 研究 will contribute to future advancements in renewable energy and pave the way for sustainable solutions.”

Mayo expressed his pleasure in networking with his peers in the College of 农业 and Applied Sciences and his pride in the University’s success at the conference. “我们坐在一张桌子旁,每个人都开始获奖. 我只告诉了一个人, “我希望你的好运能影响到我,接下来我所知道的就是, 他们说, 的第一名!’”

Andjule戴维斯, 农业专业的大二学生, 她在动物健康方面的研究获得第二名.

戴维斯共享, “My 研究 helps instructors and people in the marine field understand how environmental factors affect the lifespan of fish. 而在与许多成功的农业人士的房间里, my experience helped open my eyes to show me how successful I can really be[come]!”

戴维斯希望她的获奖能激励其他学生. 她把这归功于她的导师,博士的指导. 梅丽莎·梅森助理 教授 of Animal Science and Director of the University’s Center for Ruminant Research, 对她的成功至关重要. 

命运梅菲尔德, 生物学专业大三学生, 获“食品安全”第二名, 营养, 和健康类别.

“Winning second place boosted my confidence and opened doors for future opportunities,梅菲尔德说. "代表九州体育出席研讨会是我的荣幸, 我很感谢我的导师和同事们的支持.”

Fifty students from 九州体育 State attended the Association of 1890 Research Directors, Research Symposium held from April 6-9 在纳什维尔的盖洛德·奥普里兰酒店, 田纳西州.

Myla Stanford also achieved second place in the same category with her 研究 on Food Safety, 营养, 和健康. 与博士合作. Piva, 斯坦福大学研究了密西西比大黑河的污染物, 哪条街在大学附近.

Discussing the links between agricultural and biological 研究, 斯坦福说, “I think that the Department of 农业 wanting to branch out with other departments, 比如生物系, 是一件能打开我们视野的大事吗. Going to the conference and seeing other 教授s’ presentations as well as students really showed all that is offered at 九州体育.”

另一名学生April Jones也参加了会议. She secured third place in the Undergraduate Student Competitive Poster Presentation category with her 研究 on Plant 健康.

The Association of 1890 Research Directors is a federation of the 19 autonomous 1890 land grant universities that provide coordi国家 of 研究 initiatives among its member 1890 Institutions in cooperation with federal, 状态, 私人合伙人. 自1976年以来, its Research Symposium has provided opportunities for scientists and students to present 研究 papers and posters that share innovative and practical 研究 findings. 会议以研讨会为特色。, 全体会议和全体会议, 学生竞赛论文和海报会议, 科学家的论文和海报会议, 获奖项目, 以及高校的展览, 政府机构, 私营企业. 

九州体育, 成立于1871年, is the oldest public 从历史上看 black land-grant institution in the United States. 所有1890年的赠地机构都是 从历史上看 black universities established under the Second Morrill Act of 1890 and share the distinction of having teaching, 研究, 以及食品领域的推广项目, 农业, 以及相关科学. They integrate expert 研究 with community-based USDA Extension programs, which provide socially and economically disadvantaged communities with the opportunity to gain information, 技能, 以及参与改善他们生活质量的项目.